By the way, you may use many plugins in your WordPress blog but are they really useful.
Let us know which plugins are in this article, which you must have in your WordPress blog for great user experience.

10 Useful WordPress Plugins should be on every WordPress blogs.

01. Akismet Anti-Spam

Akismet Anti-Spam is a spam comment protection service which is the best spam firewall created by Automattic Company. Akismet prevents spam comments and pingbacks on WordPress plugin blogs. This is the best anti-spam service for Spam Comment. Because it blocks 7.5 lakh spam comments every hour. Every blogger must use this plugin.
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02. WP Smush

To achieve top ranking in Google, the loading speed of the website is very important and we use many techniques to improve website loading speed, of which Image Optimization is also very important. WP Smush can help you with it.

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03. W3 Total Cache

If WordPress blog is installed on shared hosting, then we have to do some additional functions to increase its load speed, such as installing a great cache plugin, using CDN, and also editing advanced coding, the blog can be a fast load on the user’s browser. And we all know that the site’s loading speed is fast, the user likes the search engine as well. By the way, in WordPress plugins directory you will find many cache plugins but not every plugin is great. The best plugin for this is W3 Total Cache.

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04. Yoast SEO

SEO is done to increase the ranking of any website. WordPress is a platform by which we can easily build our blog without any technical knowledge in a very short time. But after creating a blog, we have to SEO optimize our blog too, which will cause our blog content to show in google or other search engines. So for this Free Yoast SEO plugin is quite because this is the best WordPress SEO plugin.

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05. OneSignal Push Notifications

This is a service that shows a Notification when a visitor is on your blog where they go to make your Notifications Allow or Disallow. If the user permits this notification, whenever you publish a new post or make some modification in your post, a direct notification will be sent to the browser, and if they click on that notification, they will be redirected to your blog. From this, you will get a revisitor which will increase the traffic on your blog.

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06. Contact Form 7

The most important thing for any blog is to create a contact page so that your visitors can contact you if you have any problems or need some information about anything. The best way to do this is to create a contact form and it has the contact form 7 best plugin.

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07. Header and Footer Script

Whenever you use a service such as Google Analytics or Google AdSense etc., you are asked to add some lines to your header by those services which are available through websites. For this, you can make changes by going into the appearance of default theme in WordPress, but if your theme is updated or you change your theme, those settings also get deleted and you have to add them again. You can use the Header and Footer Script plugin to avoid this and this is quite easier.

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08. AddThis

As we know, social media can help us a lot if we want exposure to more traffic to our blog posts along with existing bloggers on our blog. If we want to get traffic from social media, then our first step should be to put social media sharing icons on our blog, by clicking on which people can share our blog posts on social media in just a few seconds.

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09. WordFence

Wordfence is a popular security plugin. Wordfence is a plugin that protects your WordPress blog from a whole lot of things. Whether it’s an attack of a hacker or a warning of an internal problem. You can trust this plugin. It also recognizes the signal of a small issue, and at the same time, it sends an email to your registered email address so that you can resolve the problem quickly. In this way, you can use it.

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10. TinyMCE Advanced

With the help of the TinyMCE Advanced plugin, you can greatly increase the power of your WordPress default editor. You will know that if we write a blog post in the editor window of our WordPress, then there are text editing options from very limited, which is not enough. This plugin adds some advanced features to your editor, which separately displays this toolbar in the editor’s menu. These features also include find and replace, table insert etc.

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These are the 10 best useful WordPress plugins which you should use in your WordPress blog for better user experience.

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