Why is Alia Bhatt Thinking of Babies names?

Alia Bhatt is a famous Bollywood actress who has done many hit films in her career and she has done so many characters as well. She always is in news headlines because of her acting and for her words. She is one of the very few extracts who made their identity in very short time in Bollywood industry. Who’s main factor is her family her father  Mr. Mahesh Bhatt is a famous film-maker who has their identity in Bollywood for a long time.

Now a day’s she is in the headline not for her acting but this time she is in the headline because of her comment.

Recently she committed in an interview that she is thinking of babies name’s now a day.

She said she doesn’t know why she is doing so but she is more focused on babies name as compared to normal days.

She said she is doing so because she is 25 years old now.

The Most Successful Actress in Bollywood

Many peoples make jokes on her because she is the youngest actress in Bollywood industry. People say she doesn’t know what is going on in word instead of these she is doing hit films.

She has done a very good role in recently released her movie Raazi“. Everybody who watched this movie is complimenting for her acting in this movie.

Even famous Filmmaker and Alia’s father Mahesh Bhatt says this act of Alia is the best act in her career and he is proud of her.

She is also shooting several upcoming movies and one of them is Kalank“. Where you can see Varun Dhawan with Alia.

This movie is in the discussion because of Madhuri Dixit and Sanjay Dutt. There was a time when they are in a relationship but after some time they got separated so the viewers are curious to see them together again after a long time.

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