From internet search and many other services and programs that we have been totally dependent on Google. We have become so accustomed to it that we do not even try to seek better than this. In such a way, knowing many other options of Google’s services can improve your experience.
Let us know about some of the same options.

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Some services to compete with Google Services

Change Gmail to

The new is available with many new features, and it also gives features that Gmail gives us. Some of these inbuilt features are better than Gmail like aliases for making email. It also helps you zero inbox.

HERE WeGo replacing Google Maps

Google Map is a service in which Google is far ahead of any of its competitors. Services like Waze,,, Apple Maps give basic functionality but are not loaded with features like Google Maps. But for the moment HERE WeGo has emerged as the best option for Google Maps. Not only maps here are right, but live updates are also made to traffic information.

Office online instead of Google Docs

Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides are the best productivity suite, but if the original office suite is found in Microsoft Office Free, then why not use it. In terms of Excel Online, this service of Microsoft is ahead of docs. Not only this, the office can also work with Dropbox.

Google News replaces Yahoo! News

The stories shown on Google News are from other publication, not their own. If you want to Google News Experience without Censorship news than Yahoo! News is the oldest and best option. With news gathering, it also provides its articles.

OneDrive instead of Google Drive

It provides 5 GB of free space for everyone and additionally you can get 50 GB of storage each month by spending $2.
It came first with email service letter it has been transferred to which is associated with SkyDrive. This means that all your email services are also linked to the cloud just like Google.
To use this cloud space, you do not even need to install SkyDrive on your computer. Simply log in to your SkyDrive or one drive account and start uploading your files if you are using windows operating system.

Firefox replaces Google Chrome

Firefox is an open source internet web browser that offers services similar to Chrome. And this browser is also very popular. You can also install many add-ons and use many services such as ad blocking and tracking.

These are the Google’s most used services, which alternative options we tell you.

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