Today we will know how to build a contact form with the help of Google Drive and how to add it to the website. Firstly, know what is a contact form and why do you use it?

The contact form is used in the website so that whenever any site visitor wants to contact you, he can go to the contact page and fill out this form to send the message and you can get the information sent by him.
The site visitor is able to contact you easily by the contact form on the website.

How to use Google Drive to create a Contact Form?

Google Drive has a feature of Google Form that you can use to create a form. Using it, you can create a form for survey form or website and blog. Whatever information you get through this form, you will be able to see through this form. Such a feature is available in the Google Drive Doc form.

So let us know how to create a contact form using Google form and with the help of Google Drive, how to add a contact form to the blog.

To create a form you must have a Google Account because you have to use Google Drive. You can embed a contact form on your site which will make it easy for site visitors to contact you.

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Create Contact Form using Google Docs in easy steps

01.Create New Form

  • First of all, log in to Google Drive using Google Account. Now click on the new button.
  • A drop-down menu will open in it, click on the More option.
  • A new menu option will open, click on Google Forms in it.





02. Add Name Section

  • The form will open in a new tab.
  • Written any name of the contact form.
  • Now type name in the Untitled Question.
  • Now select the short answer in the right side options. The input value of the name field is short, so select the Sort Answer.
  • To keep this name filed, please enable the Required option.


03. Add Email Section

  • Now click on the plus (+) icon of the right side.
  • Now in the question name,
  • Also, choose the short answer for Email
  • Click on the vertical menu with three dots. Now select Response validation.
  • Select Text
  • Select Email Address
  • Set validation error message (ex: Please enter a valid email address).
  • Email is very important, therefore enable Required.


04. Add Comment Section

  • First, click the plus (+) icon.
  • Write a message in the question name.
  • For the Message, select the paragraph in the right side option. There is a larger text in the message so we will choose the paragraph option.
  • Click on the three-point vertical bar. Now select Response validation.
  • Now select the length.
  • Select the minimum character count.
  • Enter count number.
  • Set Error Message. (ex: Please enter minimum 200 characters)
  • Now enable Required.


05. Preview the form

Now click on the preview button in the top right-side to see if your contact form has been created.

  • You can check your form by clicking on the preview button. You can confirm whether you have made the right or not.
  • If OK, click on the Send button.


06. Copy Created Form Code

Now a popup window will open in front of you. In this, your contact form link and HTML code will be both. Anyone of you can use.

  • You can select the HTML Embed option to add to the website.
  • Or if you want to give a direct link, then copy the link.
  • Set the width of the form.
  • Set the height of the form.
  • Click on the Copy button to copy the code or double click on the code.


07. Apply form on WordPress blog page

Now you have to add your contact form to the blog. For this, go to your blog and create a new page and follow the steps.

  • Name the page.
  • click on text option.
  • Paste HTML code copied from Google Docs
  • Now preview your contact page and publish if everything is OK.


08. Check responses by visitors

Now follow the steps given below to see inquiry mail.

  • First, go to Google Forms and click on the name of your contact form.
  • Now click on the responses. You will now be able to see all the inquiries of it on the mail. Contact Form Responses
  • Now all the inquiry information made by your contact form will be saved on Google Drive.


This way you can create a contact form using Google Drive and add it to a website or blog. If you do not want to add code, then you can just add the link if the user clicked, the direct contact form will be opened.

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