To write a blog, you must first decide on your niche. Always people start the blog and within a few days, they close it because they do not write in the right niche.

If you are not interested in what you are writing about you will never get traffic and most of the blogger are failed due to this only. So first of all, make sure you are very much interested in what you writing about in your blog.

If your interest is in health and fitness, then you should write about it or if you are in the Intrest Technologies then you should write about it in your blog.

There are many such niches that you can write about in your blog.

Let’s know about some popular niche about which you should write about.

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01. Health and fitness

It’s a great topic that lets you run traffic in your blog. Today everyone wants to be fit and healthy.

So if you include this topic in your blog and you write a good post about it, then surely you can bring a good traffic to your blog.

health and fitness

02. Food

Who does not like the food, every person who lives on this planet is also eating. That’s why food is also one of the best niches that you can write about in your blog.

If you are a food lover and you can make good food then you can write about the new food recipes in your blog which will help you to get traffic to your blog.


03. Beauty and Fashion

Girls spend most of their time searching for posts or products related to fashion and decorating on the Internet.

If you are a fashion lover then you can keep this niche for your blog, which will give you a good traffic. In this, you can also use affiliate marketing along with monetization to make money.

04. Lifestyle

This is a nice but barely niche for any blogger. Many bloggers select this niche and think that this is a simple topic for writing a blog but when they sit down to write, they do not understand what they wrote.

That’s why if you have a sense of lifestyle and you have interest in it then only believe that you choose this niche, then only it can only make you successful.


05. Make money online

Today everyone in the world wants to earn money easily from home but it is not so easy. But it is true that everyone can make money from home through the internet.

Today, there is a lot of ways to earn money from the internet and if you have the knowledge of this, then you can tell people through this niche how money can be earned through the help of the internet sitting in the home. And this niche will help you to get the most out of traffic.

Make Money online

These are some popular niche about which you can write money in your blog and make money with traffic.

Apart from this, there are many such niches you can do to write a blog.

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