The domain name is a naming system that indicates the identity of any website. The domain name identifies itself as your website. Your website named Bina domain name cannot be found on the Internet.

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How to buy a domain name?

If you want to buy a domain, but you do not know where and how to buy it, then don’t worry we tell you that from where & how you can buy it.

However, in the world, there are many companies that provide domain names but the best and the oldest company of them is GoDaddy, which is a fully trusted website.

It is easy to register a domain in GoDaddy, it is just like registering on Facebook or any other social website.

01. Register in Godaddy

First, you must register in GoDaddy‘s account. In this, you can register it through email or if you have a Facebook account then you can go with it.



02. Search the domain.

After logging into GoDaddy, you will see a search box on the home screen, type the domain in the search box you want to buy.


03. Select the domain of your choice

After searching, GoDaddy will give you a list of available domains, from which you can click on the add to cart option given in front of the domain of your choice of extension.


04. Check GoDaddy Offers

After that, a new window will open in front of you which GoDaddy will offer you some more offers that will be charged separately.
like :

Privacy Protection

  • Which gives you the feature of hiding your personal details so that no other person can see your personal details through the public WHOIS directory.
  • Prevents domain-related spam
  • Helps stop domain hijacking
  • Helps protect against stalkers and harassers

Privacy & Business Protection

  • The privacy hides your personal information from the public view in the WHOIS directory.
  • Domain Ownership Protection prevents accidental domain expiration or malicious transfer.
  • TrustedSite powered by McAfee Secure says your site is safe.

If you do not want these offers then you can avoid them.

Apart from this, GoDaddy also offers to create e-mails in the name of your domain like, so with this help, you can also create an email such as [email protected]

But it is better not to take it because you can get e-mails with web hosting packages.


After this, let’s click on Continuous with these options.

04. Fill Personal details

After continue from GoDaddy offers you well asked to fill out your personal details to GoDaddy . Fill out your personal details and save them.


05. Confirm your Purchase

After that, you will get a new window in which you will be shown how many years you want to buy the domain. And payment options will also be given to you here.

You can do this through payment Credit/Debit card, Net banking, and E-Wallet. Apart from this, other options are also given which can also be made through Demand Draft.

After filling your payment details, click on the complete purchase option.


You will get your domain.

06. Manage your domain

To see your domain click on profile name on the home page of GoDaddy. From there click on manage domain and your domain will be in front of you.


With these easy ways, you can buy domains.

If you have any questions regarding buying a domain, then you can ask in the comment box below.

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