Smartphones are now more important than Luxuries. Every day we are facing technical changes such as Processing power, Smart applications, Internet connectivity, Memory, Storage and Battery Power will force you to buy a new phone.
When we go to market for buy new Smartphone it is hard for us to choose the best phone but if we focus on some features than it will become a little bit easy.

Features which will help you in choosing the best smartphone

Check Processor and RAM

If you want to purchase a new smartphone with good performance than keep in mind it is dependent on Memory and Processor. The processor is most important in this new processor and power efficiency are better now as compare to before. Apples A series cheapest is best for this and for android currently Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 is the best.
If we focus on RAM it totally depends on your needs but it could be minimum 3GB.

Latest Software

If you are purchasing iPhone than you will get the latest version of the IOS but it is not with Android Smartphones every time. Androids all phones are not running on same OS version and nither they are updating with latest android version. It is done because android smartphone manufacturers always apply their own interface due to which it is taking time to get the latest update only googles stoke android phones as Pixel 2 will get the latest update at the time of new OS launch.

User Interface

Android is open source software and everyone who knows coding can change look and experience this is the reason Xiaomi’s phone is operated slightly differently from Samsung. Actually, some manufacturers overlay on Android’s OS, thereby causing a patchy change in Android’s interface. So before buying a Smartphone experience its user interface.

Network Operator & Internet Speed

Overall all the network operator’s offering an Android phone. When you are out for buy a smartphone it is more important to select right network operator because if the service of the network operator is not good in your area which you are using then you will not satisfied with an expensive and the best phone. Talk to your friends, family, and neighbors and get feedback for the good network operators in your area.

You should buy a phone which supports 4G for experience higher internet speed in your smartphone. By the way, the maximum smartphone is supporting 4G but some are not supported so if the superfast internet is your need then you should go with 4G supported the phone.

Stay Long

The announcement of the new Android phone happens every day and the new phone you buy can be old tomorrow. But it is not mean that you cancel your plan to buy that. You need to research and ensure that the phone you are purchasing will also require you after 1 month or 1 year.

Size, Camera, and Resolution

Maximum smartphones are offering more than 4 inches screen size but it is hard to keep big screen size phones in the pocket and also it is hard to keep in hand when you are taking on call so check this before buying a big screen size phone.

If we talk about camera except for megapixel there are many things in camera which are more important for better photography like Aperture, ISO, level, Autofocus, and many more.

The higher resolution, the display of the phone will be as clear. 1920x1080p resolution is good for a budget phone but if you can spend more money than you should go with 2560x1440p quad HD resolution display.

You should check these things before buying a smartphone.

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