The most important thing to run any website or blog is the domain name that identifies your blog or website. With the help of a domain name, any website can be searched on the internet. In simple words, you can call it the name of your website or blog.

However today there are many domains available on the internet that you can choose for your blog.

Such as: – .com, .net, .org, .co, .info these are all top-level domains that are commonly used.
Apart from this, many more domains are present nowadays.

Such as:- .blog, .photography, .pizza, .shop, .store and many more.

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Which domain to choose for your blog?

Choosing a domain name is like choosing a company name. That is why whenever you select a great domain, keep your brand or your company in mind.

Always take care of certain points to choose a domain name.

01. Keep it short and easy

The domain name should always be kept small and easy, which your user can remember. If you give a long name to your domain then the user will not be able to remember it so that they will not like to visit your website.

02. Name the name associated with your area.

If you do any small and limited business then add your area or city to the domain so your local user will easily find it.

03. Use the keyboard

The keyword plays an important role in any website that helps to rank that website. If the domain is selected with any keyword, then it is easy to rank it. Getting a relayed domain from the keyword is not as easy as today’s competition is high, people are already buying popular domains.

04. Avoid numbers and symbols

The website should be kept completely in the word. Numbers and symbols should be kept away from it as people will listen to any website, they will run spell only if you choose a website, then people will consider it as and they will visit your website will never be able to find.

05. Unique and Brandable

You should keep your domain unique, which your user can keep in your mind. Do research to buy a domain of what other bloggers have named the name of their blog which is already working in the niche that you want to work on.

06. Always use top-level domains

Always place top-level domains on the blog because most people search for them. Try that your domain is in .com if you do not find a com, then you can choose one of the top-level domains.

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Where to purchase the domain?

Today we have all the domain registration companies from where you can buy the domain in which “GoDaddy” is the largest domain registration website.
Apart from this, there are many domain registration companies.
Such as- Namecheap, Bigrock, Bluehost, Hostgator, Resellerclub etc.
I will personally recommend GoDaddy and Namecheap
If you get a premium domain, then buy it before anyone else buying it.

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