Technology becomes the necessary thing for study and this is also necessary for students to learn skills related to technology. In this series, these extensions of Google Chrome will prove to be helpful in fully utilizing the features of the web browser.

What is Chrome Extension?

These are small programs that extend the browser functionality of Google Chrome. With the help of these, it is very easy to remove the repeated ads on YouTube, to find the meaning of a word, and to define its definitions and the details of images and PDFs. On the Chrome Web, you will find thousands of Extensions created by Google and other third-party developers. With these extensions, you will find many features and tools that will not be known to you.

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Split tabs

Viewing different tabs on a web browser is not only difficult to see but also time-consuming. If you also face this problem, this extension will help you to increase your productivity by opening and arranging several browser tabs. This Intelligent Extension lets users see multiple tabs together and navigate the web more efficiently.

Google Dictionary

You will no longer need a separate browser tab to see the meaning or definition of a word. The Google dictionary will help you in this, just double-click on that word and open the search bar from the browser icon, then it will appear in a small window. It also has the ability to work with a third-party extension where the student can also choose to store his Enquirer history for easy access and download at any time.

Flashcards for Google Dictionary

This extension does digital flashcards for any word that is saved in the Google Dictionary Extensions. These Handy Flash Cards not only mean words, but they are Sentences from which the Word was saved. All this can be easily accessed from the toolbar icon.

Nimbus screenshot and video recorder

Nimbus provides facility to take screenshots and record video from the browser toolbar icon directly. If you want you can take the screenshot of the full page or a particular part. After this, you can also use editing tools to explain these images which can include arrows, shapes and text boxes.

Adblock for youtube

If you take the help of YouTube for your learning but you have difficulty in focusing due to the ads are shown on it and you want to get rid of it this chrome extension can help you. you need to just download and activate it and you can block the ads shown on youtube.

Power Thesaurus

Power Thesaurus puts synonyms and antonyms words in front of any word. Like the Google Dictionary extension, you can open Power Thesaurus by double-clicking on the word or by searching the toolbar icon.


This extension is automatically detecting potential grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes in writing. if you are writing something online and you made any mistakes in potential grammar, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and style mistakes in writing it will highlight those word and give you the correct line or word this is the very helpful extension for everyone who is not good in English.

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