FIFA World Cup 2018: Belgium vs Panama

In the FIFA ranking third place, Belgium’s team today came to the ground in the FIFA World Cup 2018 Group-G, aiming to perform against the expectations against Panama. It was expected that the Vincent Kompany will lead Belgium today. But due to being unfit, the captain is sitting out watching the team play.

Belgium started well and made some great occasions. But both teams were looking nervous in the beginning. Being the first match of the World Cup, it is also natural.

Belgium had completely controlled the match. But Panama was also giving an answer to its attacks. Although Belgium is constantly causing them problems. First Half Round

First Goal Came in Second half

The effect of pressure made in the first half was seen only at the beginning of the second half. As soon as the second half started, Belgium opened his account. The first goal “Meltens” from Belgium and did in the 47th minute.

“Meltens” shot a spectacular shot. Returned to “Lukaku”, his cross returned through the heading “Torres”. “Meltens” put the ball in a corner, with a strong shot. Panama goalkeeper “Jaime Penedo” had nothing to do except helpless.

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After waiting for 22 minutes, the second goal was seen in the 69th minute, which was again from the Belgian. Belgian scored another superb goal. “Eden Hazard” played a key role in the round. They got a cross from “Kevin de Bruin” which extended towards “Lukaku”. “Lukaku” brought the ball from the header to the goal. Belgian has made the 2-0 lead on Panama.

After few minutes of the second Goal, people enjoyed another Goal, which was again stolen from Lukku from Belgium side. This happened in the 75th minute of Goal. Romelu Lukaku scored his third goal for Belgium and his second goal. This move to Belgium was worth seeing.

Kevin De Bruyne and Axel Witsel were taken the ball to Eden Hazard. Who pushed the ball back to Lukaku The Manchester United striker ran and took full advantage of the goal of goalkeeper Jaime Penedo, and took an angular shot from to the Goal.

Free-Kick Chance for Panama

A few minutes before the match ended, Panama got a free-kick, on which Fidel Escobar could not do anything

The Panama team is under pressure from the start of the match, but it has no effect on its supporters. The fans of Panama are watching this spot as a celebration and are enjoying

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