FIFA World Cup 2018, South Korea vs Sweden

FIFA world cup 2018 played between Sweden vs South Korea in Nijni Novgorod Stadium is won by Sweden in their first match in this tournament with the help of goal done by captain Andreas Granqvist in the penalty.

After Sweden’s team disappeared from the previous two world cup tournaments, without the star player Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the fate itself was a learning curve and was successful in convincing with the victory.

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South Korea is the only team in Asian countries that have reached the semi-finals in the World Cup in 2002. But their performance in the 2014 World Cup has not been good and due to this, they did not move beyond the group level. However, if any of the two teams arrive in the next round, it will be a surprising result, but winning in the initial match will prove to be important in boosting morale. In the last 12 years, Sweden’s team reached the World Cup finals for the first time.

Know the important things in this match

In the match played at the Nijni Novgorod Stadium, both the teams played each other in the first half, but none of the teams managed to score goals. The first shot of the match took place 20 minutes after the first half start, though the Swedish players failed to score.

This was the second-longest wait in the history of the World Cup since 1966. Earlier in 2014, for the first shot in Costa Rica and the Netherlands, it was 20 minutes and 59 seconds.

South Korea started the match on a good note. First, they got the corner and then got a free kick, but Son Heung-min could not roam on both occasions.

In the first half, Sweden’s position was heavy. The occupation of the ball was Sweden’s longest time. They also created more opportunities to score goals. There is no doubt that they were fortunate not to be successful in making goals. But there is no doubt that they worked hard for diversity in the invasion. Their defense looked as strong as ever.

South Korea fouled which Sweden got a penalty. Captain Andreas Granqvist left no stone unturned. Sweden made a 1-0 lead in the 66th minute The referee later decided to give a penalty by using the VAR system.

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