FIFA World Cup 2018 Germany defeats suffered in their first match

The world’s most popular sports football debut has started on June 14, 2018. Defending Germany has faced a defeat against Mexico in the first Match in Group-F in FIFA World Cup-2018. Germany’s team adorned with star players was floppy and could not even distinguish Mexico’s defense once. The only goal of the match came from Mexico in the first half. This goal was done by Javier Hernandez at the Hirving Lozano. By winning this match, Mexico has also recovered the revenge of Germany’s defeat in the Confederations Cup last year.

How did the only goal?

The only goal of the match was on the counter-attack. In the 35th minute of the first half, Carlos Vela bowled Javier Hernandez. He pushed it towards the Hirving Lozano, which was in front of the goal. Lozano did not make any mistake in reaching it to the goal. Thousands of Mexico supporters jumped happily as soon as the ball reached the goal net in the capacitance stadium. Even a minute ago, Lozano had a chance to score, but then he missed it.

The bad form does not leave the chase

The German team, struggling with a poor form, did not even catch their goals in this match, and in the end, they had to face defeat. After the qualifying round, they have recorded the only victory against Saudi Arabia. Since then they are waiting for victory. On the other hand, Mexico successfully qualified for the World Cup by winning 7 wins. their team is in tremendous form.

Mexico’s Second Win Against Germany

A total of 12 matches have been played between defending champions Germany and Mexico, of which Germany has won 5, while Mexico has won only 2 matches. Before this match, Mexico had just one win in the account. There are 5 matches drawn between the two teams.

The FIFA World Cup 2018 has started from June 14. And the match played between Germany and Mexico is the 10th match of FIFA Cup 2018 which Mexico has won by the score of 1-0.

A total of 48 league matches will be played in this World Cup.

Current Match in FIFA World Cup 2018

Brazil and Switzerland are currently in the middle of the match, in which Brazil is leading with a 1-0 score.

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