After installing WordPress, the most important is to make the settings of WordPress. In this post, we will talk about some important WordPress settings that all bloggers should do in their WordPress.

When we install WordPress for the first time, then we have got the default settings of some WordPress users, with me already dummy post, dummy page, and dummy comment.

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Let’s start settings up the WordPress.

01. Delete default post, page, comments

Login to your WordPress blog’s dashboard and click on the Posts–>All Posts and delete the default “Hello world” post.
Similarly, click on the Pages–>All Pages and delete the default “sample page”.
After that, go to the Comments section and delete the default comments.


02. Site Title, Email, TimeZone & Subscription Setting

When we install WordPress we title and keep the site which we can change at any time.
To change the site title, go to the Settings–>General section and set the title and tagline according to your blog.
Under this, you will also have an option to set up email which we set at the time of WordPress installation but if you have not done so you can do it from here or change it anytime.
In the same section, you will see the option of setting a time zone for your WordPress blog, in which you can insert your time zone.
Keep in mind that whatever timezone you set your post will be the according to the same time zone.

You can choose date & time formate also from here only.

Keep Subscriber in User Registration section if you do not want to use your blog as multi-author/Guest Post.


03. WordPress ping list

By default WordPress pings through only one service. But you have expanded it by adding several services to it.

To set it, go to the Settings–>Writing section and add it to the given update service block.


04. Comment settings

Now, go to Settings –>Discussion Section and set comment setting according to your needs but it is better to not do any changes just enable  and keep rest as it is or setting your comments as below.

comments settings

05. Media Settings

By default, WordPress uploads images in multiple sizes. You must definitely change this setting or else lots of unnecessary files will be inserted into your blog, which will increase the loading time of your blog which is a bad sign.

To change this setting, go to the Settings –>Media Section and type the 0 value in all file size.

Media Settings

06. Setting up the Permalinks

This is an important setting for SEO of any blog.
By default in WordPress, the permalink is – This Permalink link is small but is not friendly for search engines. So it is necessary to change it.
To change this, go to Settings–>Permalink and change the default link and select the post name.

Permalink settings

If you have installed WordPress then do not forget to configure these basic settings.

Let us know if anything is missing in this and share with your friends to let them know as well these important settings.

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