Hello Folks! In today’s article, we will learn to install WordPress Theme so that our Blog can become an Attractive and Responsive.

We all know that Blogger and WordPress two are the most popular Platform for blogging, and most people like to create a Blog on these Platforms.

If you do not know, then read WordPress vs Blogger Better Blogging Platform before proceeding.

Now when you create a blog on WordPress, the first thing you have to work on the look of your blog. Your blog should look good on all devices like (Computer, Laptop, Mobile, Tablet etc.) so people can easily read the information you share on it.

Important points before installing the WordPress theme in Blog

  • The WordPress theme should be related to the topic of your blog.
  • Do not use large images on the homepage.
  • Keep background clean.
  • WordPress Theme should have Options of Menu Required (Top Header Menu, Main Menu, Footer, and Sidebar) so that you can navigate your blog well.
  • Do not use nulled or crack themes. Make sure you are using themes provided by WordPress and purchase the same if you really need.
  • Use responsive themes in your blog so that your blog can easily open in all devices like – PC, Tablet & Mobiles/Smartphones.

There are several ways to install or add any theme to WordPress but two of them are most popular and useful, which we are telling you in this article.

01. Search and Install

The first is to find a theme on WordPress and add it to your blog by installing it. This is the easiest way to do what you have to follow the steps given below.

For this, first, you must log in to your blog’s dashboard. Then go to the Appearance–>Themes section. Which is given in the Left Sidebar on the Dashboard. Inside this click on Add New.

Now you will find options for a lot of themes in which you can search the theme of your choice.

You can now install that theme by clicking on the Install button on the theme you like, and after Installation Complete you can activate your blog by clicking on the Active button. So that theme gets added to your blog.

Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Theme

02. Manual Installation

For this, you have to download the theme from the WordPress.org or you are purchasing a premium theme from anyone and if they are providing the theme in .zip format, then follow the steps given below to install it.

Download the theme and put it in a folder on your computer.

First login to your WordPress Dashboard.

Now go to the Appearance–>Themes section and click on the Add New button.

Now click on Upload Theme Button and select .zip file you’ve downloaded.

Now you will have an option of Install Theme on which you can install that theme by clicking on it. When that theme is uploaded to your Dashboard, you can click on the active button and add that theme to your blog.

Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Theme

Wordpress theme

Delete/Uninstall Theme

First, log in to your dashboard. Now go to the Appearance–>Themes. Now the themes you have installed in WordPress will be in front of you.

Now click on the theme you want to delete/uninstall.

Now you will get details of that theme. There will be a delete option in the bottom.

Just click on delete button Your theme will be deleted/uninstall.

Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Theme

Wordpress Theme

In this way, you can add & delete any theme to your WordPress so that your Blog will become a Responsive and Attractive Blog.

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