Blog loading time can impact your ranking and conversion of your blog. Google and other search engines consider the blog which takes low load time.

If you are hosting your website with blogger, then it is hard to hear this issue but when you are hosting your blog with another hosting provider like WordPress then you might face this issue.

I’m sharing some tips with you that, how you can optimize or enhance your blog load time/blog speed?

How can we optimize a WordPress blog?

The first question in beginners, how they can check their blog/website speed? It’s very simple there are many free online tools available from where you can check your website performance.

Most popular tools are Pingdom, Gtmetrix and Google page speed tool you can check from one of these.

Choose a Good Web Hosting

Self-hosted WordPress blogger has the advantage of choosing their own web host. When it comes to webhosting you should never choose those kind of hosting who has poor service.

If you are starting a small level of blog or website then I’ll recommend you to go with HostGator, Bluehost or Hostinger these are the best hosting provider scale then I’ll recommend you to go with cloud hosting which is quite expensive but it will give you the great load time for your blog. The best cloud hosting providers are Amazon, HostGator, WP Engine etc. and you can go with WPX Hosting this is quite expensive but have great reviews.

Choose good Theme

There are thousands of themes available in the WordPress market but you have to be careful to choose a theme.

Select a theme that does not take much time to load. But also keep in mind that the theme which you are going to use, keep the look of your blog along with load time.

I am using OceanWP theme which is fully loaded with lots of features and paid version is also available in cheap rates also it is very lightweight and loading much fast as compare to others. This is the best theme which is available for free and paid.

OceanWP - a free Multi-Purpose WordPress theme

Choose Right WordPress Plugins

As we know WordPress works like a charm if we use the right plugins and plugins are very useful for any blog.

But if you are using the bunch of plugins then it will defiantly impact to your blog loading which is not good for any blogger.

So, in short, you have to use limited numbers of plugins which you really need.

Regularly check your plugins list and remove the unwanted plugins which you are not using or it is not working for you.

We have written an article about the free plugins list which is most important for any blog read the article as well.

Also, we will tell you some paid and free plugins here which you should use to optimize your blog speed.

  • Caching Plugin

When a reader visits your blog they hold many elements so there are a number of requests that are sent to your server which are increasing your blogs loading time.

cache is a very important part for all WordPress site. Caching is used to increase the loading speed of the WordPress website. No one likes the slow loading website, nor the visitors nor Google, Bing

There are many cache plugins available in the WordPress market.

The best-Paid version of cache plugins

The best Free version of cache plugins

These are the paid and free versions of WordPress Cache plugins and the most popular plugin in this is W3 Total Cache which is available free and paid both versions but you can get all necessary settings in the free version.

So if you are starting your blog so I will recommend you to go with W3 Total Cache free version plugin and if you want to go with paid plugin than WP Rocket is best for you.

  • Image Optimization Plugin

Images are larger than plain text due to they take much times to load which is impact your blogs load time that is not mean you stop using images on your blog.

You probably heard “A Picture is worth a thousand words” so images make content more strong. So it is good thinking of using images in your blog post but when you use larger images it will take more time to load and your website performance will be down due to this.

If you use low-quality images than it does not look good on your blog. So what can you do?

Don’t worry there are many plugins available in the WordPress market which will help to optimize your images and increase the load time of your website.

Best paid Image optimization plugins

Best paid Image optimization plugins

reSmushit is the best plugin which is available for free and paid both the versions. Every blogger should use this.

  • GZIP Compression Plugin

GZIP is the very good tool to increase the speed of blog. It simple compress all our WordPress blog files. So if our blog has the size of 1MB then it will compress in 300-400KB. Its similarly works like zip file compression we use in our computer for compress files.

There are many plugins available in the WordPress market for GZIP compression.

Most of the cache plugins have the option to enable GZIP compression like WP Fastest Cache so can use these.

You can compress files with the help of codes as well for insert codes you need to install Yoast SEO plugin first and then go to WordPress admin panel and then go to SEO–>Tools–>File Editor and then past this codes before #End WordPress

<<Download codes from here>>

You can download plugins as well but as per my personal experience plugins are not work properly for this. So use the manual method to compress your files and increase your blog size.

Optimize your WordPress database

When we install plugins and theme and if we do not like we simply remove that but there are many files created in the database which are not clear at the time of removing that plugins or themes which is causing our blog speed.

Also if we are using blog from long then might be many unwanted temporary files will be there in your database like – post revisions, spam comments, trash, transient options, orphaned metadata this processes is to clean all them from our DB.

It simply processes to clear unwanted files from our WordPress Database due to check we can reduce the size of our WP-DB which is good for our blog performance.

To do this there are many plugins available in which WP-Optimize is the best you can use it and optimize your DB.

Use a CDN

Whenever any person tells you to optimize your WordPress blog or any blog he will defiantly use the word CDN (Content Delivery Network). It is a very simple step to control the load time of your website.

Infect every speed checking sites like Pingdom, Gtmetrix and Google page speed tool are giving the advice to use a good CDN for better performance.

CDN has their Data Centres in deferent geographical locations when you use CDN network and when any reader comes to your blog then your blog will load from the nearest Data Centres of the CDN network.

It means if your website is hosted in a server which is in Japan and anyone wants to open your site from France and you are using CDN network whose DC is located in London then it will load from London instead of Japan.

This will help him to load your blog faster.

The best CDN in the work Cloudflare I personally using this service so I highly recommend you to use this because this is free and you can get many features in this network.

Keep WordPress Blog Updated

The best part of this topic is to keep your WP blog updated. WordPress is open source and its database and codes updates frequently.

In every platform, updates are very important to fix issue and bugs available in the current version and also it is necessary to update new features in your WP-DB.

Along with WP-DB both plugins and themes also need to be up-to-date frequently.

Final Words

These are the main points you have to keep in mind when you are going to optimize your blog speed.

The main point is to choose the good web hosting if you have done all the things to improve your blog speed but you have a worst hosting service than nothing will work so always research before buying any web hosting because you are spending your money to buy a hosting and you do not get the better service then it is waste of your money.

How you like our post please let us know by commenting and also comment us if you have any query.

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