If you want to start your blog, then it is a great idea. But you are unable to imagine where you start from, do not panic, you are in the right place. We will help you to create a successful blog, so let’s start.

Why Start Blog?

01. To become an author or writer

If you like writing, you can put your ideas & your thoughts online in front of people who are online on the internet. Maybe you can become popular with that. So, this is a great platform, to bring Idea to the front of the world.

02. To increase your business.

If you do any business then through blogging, you can easily present your product in front of the world, which will not cost you any money.

03. To Make Money Online

Most of you will know that money can be earned from the blog, even those who sit at home, but who do not know, tell them that this is 100% true. You can earn money from home with the help of blogging. Those who have some skills can earn money from home.

Steps to Write Blog

  1. Decide what you want to write a blog about.
  2. Choose the right platform for your blog.
  3. Select the matching domain your blog niche.
  4. Choose a good web hosting.

01. Decide what you want to write a blog about.

If you run a company or business, then you should make your blog in relation to the product you make or the service you provide.

If you want to write something, make sure that whatever you are writing is completely unique, then only people will read it if someone else has written the same thing already in your blog, then why would anyone read your blog?

And also make sure that what you are writing is writing with great joy. If you are not excited about your subject then you will never be able to attract readers.

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02. Choose the right platform for your blog.

If you have to start the blog then you will need a blogging platform. Today we have all the resources in the market for the blogging platform.
Like: – WordPress, Blogger, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace and many more. There are some drawbacks to all blogging platforms and there is some goodness. WordPress is the most popular of these and most are also used.
And if you know to code, you can also create your own blog through coding.

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03. Select the matching domain your blog niche.

For any blog or website, it is most important to choose a right domain that identifies it. There are web hosting companies that offer free domains.
If you want to start your blog and you do not want to spend so much money on it, free domain is the best option for you. All the companies that give such domains are like
WordPress, Blogger, WIX etc.

And if you want to be a professional blogger or you run a company, then you should buy a premium domain. Nowadays, the work is done only in money.
You can purchase premium domains from these websites.
GoDaddy, Namecheap, Domain.com, etc.

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04. Choose a good web hosting.

Web-hosting is like a land where you can build your own house Everyone who is a blogger reads the need for web-hosting.
You will get a minimum of $9 to $10 a year, and web hosting will usually get $7.99 / month.
And this is the best package to start blogging.

However, all domain provider companies also offer web-hosting. But some of these are web-hosting which is very popular
Like: Bluehost, Hostgator, Resellerclub and many more

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