Hi friends how are you? we are here with the new article. Things to do after create a WordPress Blog.

All people who want to start their carrier as a blogger has a question in their mind. What is the next step after creating a blog?

If you have created a new WordPress blog and you also have the same question in your mind, then don’t worry we will help you.

After creating a blog, you need to do basic WordPress settings. If you don’t know those settings, don’t worry we have written an article on this topic read the article (Basic Settings after installing WordPress in self-hosting) and come back here.

After that, you need to install some important plugins. We also write articles that how to install the plugin in your WordPress blog? & Important Plugins you should use in your blog.

And the last and very important you need to install WordPress theme for your blog. For this also we have written an article about how to install WordPress Themes? You should read these if you do not know.

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What to do after creating a WordPress Blog?

There are many things we need to do after creating a WordPress blog. Let us see step-by-step those steps.

Update Title tag and tagline

The first thing after creating WordPress blog is you have to set the blog title. You can set title at the time of installation of WordPress blog but if you do not do this then you can do this after installing of WordPress in admin panel and you can also set this in theme customization panel.

We have already update you in our previous article Important settings after installing WordPress that how to set title from admin panel.

Pick a Suitable Theme for your niche

The second thing is you have to choose a theme which is suitable for your niche. There are many paid and free themes available in the WordPress market. If you are a beginner then I recommend you to choose a free theme.

The most popular free theme which I also use is OceanWP this is the best WordPress free theme which is fully loaded with features. I highly recommend this theme to you. You definitely try this and an alternate theme is there which is also similar to OceanWP is Astra theme you can also try this.

OceanWP - a free Multi-Purpose WordPress theme

Add Header and background

After installing the theme in WordPress your next step should be the set the header and background in your WordPress blog.

This is easy to add header and background in theme for customize header and background go to WordPress admin panel and go to Appearance–>Customize all themes have deferment options to customize header and background but in OceanWP you will find header option in the left side of the screen. From there you can change your theme settings.

Add Site Icon

After customizing the header and background the next step should be to set an icon to your blog. Site icon will be shown up in browsers address bar instead of blank. You can use the small size (512×512) image for your site identity. It could be your profile pic of your business product pic.

For the set, the site icon go to Appearance–>Customize–>Site Identity

Create Pages and set in the Menu bar

These are the important part of this article after done the above steps the next steps is to create important pages and set a menu bar for your blog or website.

You need to create some important pages like About, Contact, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer etc. these are the important pages for any blog or website.

You should add these pages to your blog so readers can know more about your blog.

For creating menu go to Appearance–>Menu than name your menu and click on Create Menu

Then select pages you want to add in your menu items and click on Add to Menu than adjust your menu items and Save Menu and it’s done.

Set sidebar and footer

After creating the menu, the next step will be to create sidebar and footer sidebar will be displayed on your blogs lift or right site or both the side you can choose this setting in your theme customize setting whether you want it in your blogs left side right side or both side.

For create the sidebar and go to Appearance–>Widgets your sidebar and footer sections here set the sidebar widgets and footer widgets and all done.

Design your blog

Many people do not come back to the blog because they feel your blog look ugly and they do not care what type of content you have in your blog but if your blog looks ugly than they will never come back again. So design your blog to look sexy.

Do not use so many plugins and do not fluid with lots of stuff just keep it neat and clean so readers will always want to come back and spend more time to be in your blog.

Work hard and spend more time to design your blog and then go to the next step.

Publish your Posts

After doing all the above steps the next step is very important for all blogger. Now write your post and publish it to see everyone on the planet who is online.

This is the this for what you have started your blog so be careful and write from your hart because you have done hard word to reach here.

Read this guide you will find the idea how you can write a good post?

Submit your website to Webmaster.

After publishing your post, you need to optimize your blog for being in the search engine. We need to tell search engines to index our blog and blog post in the search results. Actually, it is automatically doing but it takes a lot of time and it also depends on the traffic of your blog or particular link.

There is many Webmaster tools available Google Webmaster tool and Bing Webmaster tool are the most popular and most of the people are using this.

By using the Webmaster tool, you can optimize your website performance also. In easy language, you can say it is an SEO service (Search Engine Optimization) in it you can manage your blog rank, errors, top performing pages etc.

You can submit the sitemap of your blog to fast indexing in search results. It makes your blog SEO friendly.

Setup Analytics for your blog

Key of the successful blogger is Analytics. With the help of the analytic tool, you can manage your website traffic and you can check how your blog posts are performing and how much you have to work to get them to perform better.

You can check how many readers came today, yesterday, weekly, monthly and early, where are they from, how much time they are spending on your blog and what are they doing there.

You can check everything whatever you want. The most useful and popular tools in this are Google Analytics and another one is Jetpack by WordPress.

Google Analytics is the most popular and most of the blogger are using this.

Setup Email Account

When you are purchasing domain name the provider ask you to create an email account as well for your blog or website with your domain name. If your domain is www.yourdomain.com than you can create [email protected] or [email protected] or whatever you want. It shows you are professional.

So always create an email for this. Hosting providers also provide email account creation service so I recommend you not to buy with your domain provider and create this with hosting provider.

Setup Social Accounts

Social account plays the main role to drive traffic to your website so create social accounts matching with your blog title and try to add maximum peoples in your social accounts.

There are many people on this earth who are being active on social sites and it is very good change to get them to your blog by promoting your blog post on social accounts.

Most Popular Social sites are (Facebook, google+, twitter) you can get high traffic to your blog by using these social sites and there is many more.

Also set social share button right after the blog post or before the start of the blog post so your readers can share your blog post on social media if the like it.

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These are the simple and easy steps you need to do after creating a blog. Let us know how you like this post and leave a comment if you have any query.

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