When we update the blog, it informs the ping services servers and post indexes are fast indexing. Some best ping service is already present in WordPress.
By placing WordPress ping list update in the blog, content can fast indexing content in Google and other popular search engines.
Here you can download the best most usable WordPress ping list.

Why Should use WordPress Ping Services?

When updating the blog and using the ping service, it sends signals to the search engines that the new content has been updated on the blog and it becomes a fast index in content search engines all around the world.

If you do not use the ping service on the blog, but regularly update the post on blog or website and sharing it on social media sites constantly. From this process, search engines will know about your blog post but it will take a lot of time.

How to add Ping List in WordPress?

Updating Ping List in WordPress is not a hard task. You can easily update it by going to the WordPress dashboard.

Download the WordPress ping list from below link.

WordPress Ping List 2018

Log in to the WordPress admin panel and click on Settings–>Writing and scroll down. Here the “Update Services” box will appear. Now paste the downloaded WordPress ping list into that box and click on Save Changes.

WordPress Ping List

WordPress Ping List

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Updating these ping services list into WordPress blog can make blog fast indexing in the search engine.
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  1. Really Helpful,

    Thanks for sharing

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  2. Thanks for the ping list,
    I was submitting my blog link to pinging sites manually. This list will save a lot of time.

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  3. I am not aware of this step called pinging in SEO.
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Thanks Ellyana

  4. Thank you for the ping list, I just use them now.

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