WordPress vs Blogger || There are lots of platforms for writing blogs where you can keep your blog or content and manage them.

But the question is which blogging platform you choose for your blog.

We have many platforms for blogging, but the most popular of these are Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr.

WordPress and bloggers are the most popular in which we will know about.

Many Bloggers use Blogger(Blogspot) at the beginning, then they switch to WordPress later. This does not mean that Blogger(Blogspot) is not a good platform. Even all the popular blogs are still available on Blogger(Blogspot).

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There are two versions available of WordPress

  1.  WordPress.com
  2.  WordPress.org

WordPress.com is a free version that does not charge any money and you can use it for your blog or website for free but you will get limitations in it and you can not use your own domain. WordPress.org is a paid version that you can use through hosting, and you only have to use your purchased domain name for this.

In this article, we will learn about self-hosted WordPress.

WordPress vs Blogger


Blogger was started by a company called Pyra Labs, which was later purchased by Google in 2003. And now blogger has the right to Google. Blogger’s entire data and scripts store on Google’s servers that you cannot access.

If you have a Google account, you can easily login to the Blogger with its help and you can create 100 different blogs from it. And all those blogs will be hosted on Google‘s server, which means that Google can delete them at any time without your permission, for which you cannot do anything. But it is very rare.

In WordPress, you have to install it in your purchased hosting with the help of software, which you own. You can run it whenever you want and can delete as well & you can also transfer them to another hosting anytime.


Every blog in blogger comes with a simple managing system. So you can easily manage the blog. But there is a very limitation. Which means that you have to use options given in it only.

WordPress is an open source software where you can modify anything and add the feature too whatever you want.

There are many plugins exist in WordPress, which can provide new features to your blog or website without coding.


Here the layout means the Template. The template is a design that you can use to change the look of your blog or website. If we talk to the blogger, there is very little official template present in it. And there are many non-official websites that provide premium templates for free but their quality is not good so that your visitors and you do not have the feeling of premium.

In WordPress, there is many premium and free templates are available, by using which you can give a nice look to your blog or website, and making changes to WordPress theme is very easy.


Google is the world’s best website in every case and blogger is hosted on Google‘s server. If you create your own website or blog in Blogger, you will get Google‘s strong security, which means that no one can easily hack your website. And no matter how much traffic your website is coming to Google, you can easily manage it. Your blog will never have to face slowness because of having more visitors.

WordPress is also very safe, but you have to always take care of security in it. In addition, there are many plugins in WordPress that help keep your blog or website safe. And if you. Are using hosting which is having a limited resource and you are using more plugins, or you have heavy traffic to your blog than you may have to face slowness of your blog or website. You have to purchase a good hosting package which can manage these kinds of issues.


You can transfer your blog or your website in both Blogger and WordPress.

You can use Export option in Blogger and import it to any other blog you are using but by using this you cannot get this as it was. It will face SEO related issue which will directly affect your visitors.

In WordPress, you can easily move your blog or website from one host to another one.


Blogger is not good at providing a new update. New features are getting in this very rare, which is equal to no. Google has banned many of its products in the last few years. Then there is no reason to believe that it is going to continue ever.

Being a WordPress open source software is not dependent on any company or developer. If you want, you can also modify and update it according to your website or blog.


In terms of SEO, Blogger has been a little better than before, but not enough to meet your needs.

WordPress is SEO friendly, and many premium plugins are available for free, with the help of which you can easily improve the SEO of your blog.

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